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November 5, 2012

One of the keys to Fashion PR is good storytelling.  The goal is to tell an interesting and intriguing story without lying or embellishing.  Truthfulness is key in communication, but that can make it harder to create interesting stories.

One of the keys to effective storytelling is to always been looking for new stories.  If you sit around and wait for an interesting story about your client or brand, you could create a disconnect with your audience.  Constant interaction is vital, which means you need plenty of stories to share.

When you cannot find a story to tell, create a story.  Go out and do something and then tell the story.  It can be a new partnership with a non-profit, a new campaign, an event or any number of other things.  Once you have completed something new, create a story about it to tell to your audiences.  The easiest way to find a new story is to create new content to tell a story about.

Effective storytelling comes from continued interaction with your target audiences.  This interaction has to be significant and interesting to keep your audience coming back to get them to share your story with others.  This can be challenging.  Finding and creating stories is a continuous and necessary process.  Communication with target publics is key to building your brand, and effective stories are what keep your target publics around.

Follow the link for PR Breakfast Club for another article on storytelling in PR.


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